Recommendations for managing new cards???

DWQA QuestionsRecommendations for managing new cards???
buiwammughgorli asked 4 years ago

Looking for some advice from the gurus. Recent app spree netted me a few rewards cards, some with sign up bonuses. I’m starting to panic (lol) about what expenses to put on which cards first to max the rewards. Also, can I pay mortgage, car loans, student loan on cc’s and PIF? I don’t plan on paying interest on top of interest. Below is a list of my cards and expenses. Obviously I want to use the ones with the sign on bonuses first because they are times sensitive. But after that I’m a little lost :

1. Qs1 – 10 year old card with $ 1500 limit. $ 19 AF. Will likely sock drawer this one until AF is due and then close, PC to no AF or combine once I get my venture and QS results back.

2. APNFCU – new card, $ 7500 limit. Flagship with 40k miles sign on bonus for $ 3k spend in 3 months. 15% APR. 2x rewards points for every dollar spent. $ 49 AF (although I think it’s waived the first year).

3. Amex ED – 0% apr for 15 months, $ 1000 limit, 10k rewards points for spending $ 1000 in 3 months. 1x rewards points but 20% more if you swipe 20x in one month. Might use this exclusively for the first 30 days until I hit the spend bonus and yes I can swipe 20x in a month! Lol $ 0 AF

4. DiscoverIt – 22% APR, $ 0 AF, 5% categories. It’s Amazon this quarter. 1% everything else. Since I have no sign on bonus I’ll probably just use this for Amazon Christmas spending because my other rewards cards have better rewards for other categories. Double cashback at the end of my first year so I DEF want to take advantage of the 5% categories all year!

5. NFCU cash rewards. No sign on bonus, no AF. 1.5% cashback straightforward. $ 3000 limit. I’ll also wait to use this card.

I also apped for QS and Venture. I’ll SD the QS until I can combine with my older QS. The venture has a 20k rewards pts sign on bonus if I spend $ 1000 in 3 months. 1.25x rewards points, no AF.

Gas – $ 500 a month
Groceries – $ 500 a month
Eating out – at LEAST $ 300 a month (need to get that under control)
UTIL/cable/internet – $ 400 a month
Daycare – $ 516 a month (will likely go up to $ 800+)
Pet care (grooming/food): $ 100 a mont
MISC (there’s always something coming up every month) -$ 200 a month
Car insurance – $ 230 per month

Then there’s these expenses that I would love to get away with paying on CC and PIF:
Student loans thru Nelnet – $ 432/month
Mortgage – $ 1947 (impound includes taxes and insurance)
Car loans – approx $ 600 per month
Back taxes – $ 819 per month ISO
Can I get away with putting any of this on credit cards?

Ok, so what are your suggestions for maxing my rewards and sign on bonuses with these expenses? What would you do? NeeI also should note we just bought our house and need some ancillary items (building a garden, some paving work done, and potentially a new bedroom set) so there is some extra spend coming that doesn’t fall into my usual monthly spend. TIA!

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