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bersudykana asked 5 years ago

According to Amex’s site, I’m “Pre-qualified to Apply” for the following cards:


BCE ($ 0 Annual fee)

BCP ($ 75 Annual fee)

EveryDay Preferred ($ 95 Annual fee)


I do a lot of grocery shopping, petrol buying and misc purchases from other stores (i.e. Target…)


In terms of what I’m looking for in rewards, I would primaryily love travel miles. I don’t really see much value in racking up points to be used to buy merchandise.


Out of the cards I listed above and the type of purchasing I conduct, which one of the cards would you select/recommend?


Also, while on Amex’s site, I also saw the 50K bonus offer on the PRG. I know I can easily meet the spend requirement in order to obtain the bonus.


After I determine which cards for which to apply, is the recommended approach to apply for the PRG charge card then, apply for the credit card I ultimately choose?


My scores are in the 735 to 755 range.


Thanks in advance for all insight.

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