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liprosubtfura asked 6 years ago

In 2012 I discovered a lien on my credit report.  after being separated my husband decided not to pay our Georgia taxes in 2008 until 2009.  The state put a lien on the property on Oct 27,2008.  the taxes were paid from federal tax refund in April of 2009.  So I called the Ga Dept of of Revenue and they told me had been paid but neglected to say the lien had not been released, so they released it on July 16, 2012, as a result of me talking to them.  I have disputed the date of payment with all three credit bureaus knowing that the 7 years counts off from the date of payment not when the lien is released.  TU verified and said date paid 7/16/2012, haven’t heard back from Equifax but just heard from Experian today and the lien is gone and 0 “Public Records”!!   Can I dispute w/ EQ andTU on the basis of what Ex is reporting?  Thanks for the help.

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