Paying CC With Savings Account?

DWQA QuestionsPaying CC With Savings Account?
lighhiropefas asked 6 years ago

Can I pay my CCs from my savings account? I just opened a 1% account with Barclays. Other than the max of 6 transfers which shouldn’t be an issue. 

Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Utility Knife

Slinkybeaver PR replied 6 years ago

Is everyone here just casually talking about shanking cunts with this
knife? Unless you’re all chefs or keen fisherman … !? I found this
advertised as a safety tool.. what a silly idea that is. It’s an amazing
design and should congratulated, but not sold for shanking cunts.. 

Pandora Belphgergor replied 6 years ago

That from vat19

hong zhouzhang replied 6 years ago

2 week later, the plastic broke in my pocket…..

Sly25 replied 6 years ago

” makes a good 3rd or 4th knife” just incase you lost your first two some

BladePlayKnives replied 6 years ago

@whatanabe888 Ha ha ha, who knows I’ve heard of criminals that aren’t too
smart. They might just wait for you. I meant that I forget my edc from time
to time and it drives me crazy when I do so this would be nice to have it
on you in case that happens 🙂

vic tor replied 6 years ago

@BladePlayKnives lol “just in case” U just like: uh wait mr. criminal, i
just open my ichy card knife it wont take long, wait, wait…

Gary Li replied 6 years ago

@appleman1357 get your mind out of the gutter!

MrTwix80 replied 6 years ago

1st beoch

Sebastian S replied 6 years ago

a great… assassin knife… if it’s made of ceramic that is.

Thespilloftroy replied 6 years ago

this is the worst. flimsy, will break in weeks

sasuke3079 replied 6 years ago

Very good novelty item and a great “last resort” knife. Looks neat, that’s
for sure

jaxxsunErie replied 6 years ago

I need to get my self at least one and some for gifts. I rarely ever forget
my EDC, but it does happen.

unamonu replied 6 years ago

Thanks for the video and review. Although not what I’d call my regular EDC,
i’t a cool knife. I only wish it came with a ceramic blade instead of the
steel one it has now. It would be lighter and maintenance free… and
undetectable 😉

Invented by a weapon fanatic. If it was just a letter opener it would be
genius, but it’s sold as a knife >:|

Nicolas Liang replied 6 years ago

lool congrats on the 69 videos 😛

BladePlayKnives replied 6 years ago

@Thespilloftroy well it’s built more along the lines for a backup knife.
Not something that you would use every day. It’s a great “just in case”
knife and the design makes it great to carry as a back up.

Gabe Musashi replied 6 years ago

that is a hell of a neat design.

Jason Krakauer replied 6 years ago

That’s @&$king cool

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