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lustswalalvesri asked 4 years ago

Morning all, 


I will be getting my taxes back here soon and want to pay down both my major and store cards. The thing is I only have so much to work with and need to know how much to pay to whom. i kind of know who is more important, I think the how much is where I am getting hung up. I had myself on the Snowball plan, so I need incorporate how to make this all work in my favor. My store cards are not as important, I figure I will pay those down over time but will include them im the list so you can see my headache. (IO’, sure its just me need to have my hand held) I was laid off about 2 and a half weeks ago which caused a lot of usage.. explanation of balances!



Card                      Credit Line                         Balance 

Cap One Sec            $ 500                              $ 445.84

Cap One QS1           $ 500                              $ 467.14

Cap One Plat            $ 600                              $ 467.74


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