Nordstrom/TD softed EQ?

DWQA QuestionsNordstrom/TD softed EQ?
poforlicosupp asked 4 years ago

Nordie’s store card, $ 6K CL, about 2 yrs. old, haven’t used it in about 8 mos., last payment was in Dec. largest balance was about $ 1500.


just wondering if anyone else noticed a soft account info inq. Hope they’re not thinking of closing for inactivity or CLDing.


Feel like I need to go buy something, but there’s nothing I want right now. Used to make a trip to the Rack 2 or 3 times a year. it’s an hour away, which is probably a good thing for my wallet. Just haven’t had a chance in awhile, and nothing online for me now either.


Anyone get a soft just before they “did something?”

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