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buiwammughgorli asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone.  I’ve been reading this board for a few months and have learned a lot.  But now im not sure if i should just garden, apply for something elso, or even close something.  I havent been able to get any more CLI’s either.  That means im at my exposure limit for my income right? This is what i have right now.


Barclaycard Arrival Plus Mastercard: 5K

American Express Everyday: 9.9K

American Express Blue Cash Everyday: 4K

Bank Of America Travel Rewards: 7.3K

Chase Freedom: 6K
Chase AARP: 6K

Chase SLATE: 5K (Just transfered a balance, so he stays open.)

Discover IT: 5K

FIDELITY American Express: 5K

First National Bank of Omaha Dodge Master Card: 8k

PayPal Extras Master Card: 4.5K


My AAoA is about  1 year and 4 months and myoldest account is at 4 years. Income is 36k

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