New way to go after Crapitol one repo?

DWQA QuestionsNew way to go after Crapitol one repo?
lacringmofevi asked 5 years ago

I have one negative item left on my credit report,  a repo from Capitol One, and after meeting with a Consumer attorney on Wednesday and being reassured they couldn’t get a deficiency judgment against me I’m ready to go on the offensive.  There is a large 14k charge off on my CR, but the real amount according to Capitol one and the court they repod the car through is 19k. I disputed the amount and Capitol one verified the 14k. I didn’t tell the CRAs the real amount so I’m thinking of disputing again except including the court documents. I have several other inaccuracies for the account that I’m planning to dispute one at a time just to be a pain in the butt for cap 1 and the CRAs. The account would age off this October. 

Does anyone here have any idea why they would be reporting a lower amount?  It doesn’t make sense to me except that maybe they are hiding something, I know they were recently in big trouble for hiding their subprime auto loans that would have been in the same time frame that mine was charged off. 

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