Negotiating PFD (Verizon) – Who do I contact?

DWQA QuestionsNegotiating PFD (Verizon) – Who do I contact?
puzzzetichisig asked 5 years ago

Hello all, 


Back in 2012 I terminated my contract with Verizon Wireless, and neglected to pay the early termination fee of $ 263. I have recieved a few collection notices since then, mostly from Credit Collection Services. I’m currently working towards trying to purchase my first home, so I’m attempting everything possible to clear up my credit and improve my score. I’ve seen several people mention a “pay for delete” option which seems to be my best bet at the moment. 


Problem is, I’m not sure who to contact. While apparently this account has been sent to collections, there is no collection activity on my credit report. No mention of Credit Collection Services at all. Although the Verizon account IS on my credit report, it says the status is “Collection/Charge Off”. 


So, who do I try to negotiate this with to get it off my report? Do I contact Verizon, or do I contact CCS?


Any advice would be appreciated! 

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