Need Suggestions for a good cash back card.

DWQA QuestionsNeed Suggestions for a good cash back card.
gambgusuhanhard asked 5 years ago

Hi all,


I need suggestions for a great general spend cash back card. My current cards are as follows:


Bank of America 123 – $ 12,000 limit

Capital One Venture One – $ 10,000 limit

Chase Sapphire Preferred- $ 17,000 limit

Bank of America Alaska Airlines – $ 16,000

Citi Simplicity- $ 16,000 limit


All of my cards have a zero balance except for the Bank of America 123 card. It currently has $ 3,500 on it (0% interest until 2017). I had some dental work done and put it on that card because they gave me a great promotion. I am not putting ANY spend on that card until I pay off the balance.


My FICO scores are 760 across the board.


Any ideas? My thoughts were Discover IT, Chase Freedom, or an American Express cash rewards card. What are your suggestions? The card would be used for gas, groceries and general spend that are not travel related.


Thank you!

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