Need advice from recovering from rock-bottom.

DWQA QuestionsNeed advice from recovering from rock-bottom.
jarthacycreno asked 4 years ago

Vantage score: 485


In the process of a divorce and want to improve my credit. 

The only “good” items i have are a secured credit card with no lates and an auto payoff with only 2 30 day lates. 


Husband to be responsible for all but two baddies. One is a medical collection for $ 141, the other is a written off capital one card for $ 388. I didnt know these were collections (he had the sole income, I was a homemaker). I did go ahead and did a dispute for the baddies as “Belonged to ex-spouse”. 


Need some advice on how to get my credit score up. I am in no need of credit, but want to buy a new car in maybe 12 months.





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