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viesimpnferdentgreat asked 5 years ago

I have a 637 mid score, i was trying to go through what i thought was a reputable broker, for a FHA loan, he originaly said he could get me approved and my score qualafied me, but i do have a few collections on my credit …. $ 5,000 national grid from 2010, and a 3 month late pay from a personal loan, the national grid is now paid off as of last month, and the 3 month late was never really 3 months, it was refinanced and never updated in the credit system, I have all the docs to prove these…… the broke wants me to go through Premium Credit Bueru and pay $ 40 per account per credit agency,… and do a Rapid Rescore…..he said he is confident he can get it approved if i do that. does this make any sense………  I could sent the items to the credit companies, but they say it takes 30 days or more……how can premium credit bueru get it off in 3 days, im just trying to make sure this is standard practice……. any opinions would help.

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