Managing/impressing Penfed?

DWQA QuestionsManaging/impressing Penfed?
oranagigdo asked 4 years ago

I just got approved last week for two Penfed credit cards and a PLOC as a new member (all $ 5,000 limits). Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to manage these accounts satisfactorily? I had little knowledge of the bank previously and another poster kindly recommended them based on my profile. Do they like heavy usage and large payments or light usage and balances? How about on the PLOC? I’d love to work towards  higher credit limits on my accounts so I just want to be knowledgable in how to accomplish this. Do I wait to see if I get a message for a CLI preapproval or do I make the request mysefl? If so, how long do I wait? Clean reports but a lot of new accounts in the last several months. Income low six-figures and current utilization around 3%. Inquiries about 5 on each report. Thanks.

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