It feels so Good…..Score Rebuild from 567 to 701

DWQA QuestionsIt feels so Good…..Score Rebuild from 567 to 701
poforlicosupp asked 6 years ago

Just wanting to shout out and encourage others…..ot can be done…

I From 567 in March 2015 to 701 October 2015


I read the Fico discussion boards daily (multiple times)

Took lots of hard work….was almost like a part time job….


March 2015 I had 2 credit cards 1 Quicksilver 1000.00 CL and Secured Cap One 2700.00

Today Quicksilver $ 5700

Chase $ 500.00

Amazon $ 1000.00

Credit Union Visa 1000.00

And just approved last week……..

Capitol One Venture $  15,000


I learned from the boards daily to manage and maximize the credit cards I had….and how to get 6 Charge Offs, 2 Medical Collections and 1 Collection Removed

My Credit report has 2 baddies left….Verizon Wireless for $ 40.00  paid collection and 2300.00 Cap One Charge Off ……

Used every method under the sun…..but for the record  what did not work for me were goodwill letters…and disputing with the 3 major credit reporting agencies…..

I used mostly direct disputes with the original creditors….and the most helpful was filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau. and the FTC


Anyway….it can be done …..but it takes a lot of work ….and getting pissed off a lot….spending way too much time making phone calls and writing letters…..but in the end it was worth it ….


Finally I learned so much about credit …. the importance of living within my means..(I changed many of my purchasing habits.)……and most of all paying attention to my bills and keeping on top of my finances  … I got real with my finances and actually felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders


Keep working at it …it can be done



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