I see yellow!!!

DWQA QuestionsI see yellow!!!
dharadinsudi asked 5 years ago

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I remember just yesterday how discouraged I was all score in low 500s tu was actually in mid 400s!! This year has been an unhill battle fighting collections and writing gw letters but it has paid off! Scores (see below) have all jumped about 150 points across the board (tu almost 200 points) and I still have one more baddie to go….fp paid CO I am still fighting to get rid of it…I have two lates on my report and three cc a few store cards all fairly new I want to apply for the Barclay apple rewards but not sure if they are inquiry sensitive I want to get rid of my credit one card before the af should I just wait do I have a better chance at something else…thanks everyone for all your help..it’s been a long year

Starting eq 503 ex 502 tu 462
Current eq 671 ex 629 tu 645
Util 18%
9 positive tl
1 negative 2011 CO (I’m confident I’ll get it removed)
Next goal 700 club Smiley Happy

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