Hi everyone It’s been a while need some memory refreshing

DWQA QuestionsHi everyone It’s been a while need some memory refreshing
abglitmatchtualchyd asked 4 years ago

From August to December 2013 I was suddenly unemployed and right back where I started 2-3 years before. I repaired my credit and built up my credit and had scores around 750. 


In august of this year I  surrendered my vehicle back to the credit union. Last time I checked they are reoprting it as paid as agreed with a 0 balance but still has the horrible pay history. 


I tried to buy a vehicle in Sept and lord and behold out of the woodwork the slugs started crawling out. 

I now have 4 recent collections that have popped up.



Two of them are for  old HSBC accounts that no longer reports because Cap One bought them out and started reporting instead of HSBC. HSBC deleted their accounts. The collections list HSBC as the original creditors. The cap one accounts that replaced the HSBC accts report as C/O sold or transferred. 


Portfolio is reporting the 2 accounts open dates of 5/18/2015 DOFD as 08/2013 but the balances listed are for $ 1.00 more on both. 


These are still within the SOL. 


Anything I can do with them at this point?

1 they are reporting for a company not listed on my credit reports anymore. 

2 they are reporting for accounts that were closed by HSBC and taken over by Cap One. 

3 the dates these accounts were opened are incorrect. 

4 they are reporting them as an open individual account 

5 they are reporting under “type of loan” factoring company account (debt buyer) (I guess they finally figured our after being sued so many times they can’t used just factoring account anymore LOL) 





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