Getting bill collector calls for family member’s AMEX

DWQA QuestionsGetting bill collector calls for family member’s AMEX
viesimpnferdentgreat asked 5 years ago

I was an authorized user many years ago on a family member’s AMEX. My responsibility was terminated several years ago. AMEX only shows on 1 report as “relationship terminated” and nothing has been reported since 2008. I am even thinking that AMEX isn’t even the AMEX that the bill collector is calling about, not sure.


Obviously this family member hasn’t paid their card. I am guessing the bill collector googled my name (very uncommon name, easy to find my land line phone #.) 


I have excellent credit. Nothing can show up on my report, right? Collections, etc? I know bill collectors will do whatever it takes to get the money.


Anyone have any similar experiences? I am in the clear, right? I have worked so hard to have good scores and I don’t want it to go down the drain! Thanks for your advice!





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