Finally a response from the last collection on my reports

DWQA QuestionsFinally a response from the last collection on my reports
divmecalede asked 5 years ago

Wrote emails to the president of American Property Management (OC) and the president of Credit Bureau Associates (CA) after no response from their respective customer service emails.
Wrote on Friday got an email back Monday morning from both! The OC was very apologetic and said “I will look into your account but you must file an official dispute with the CBA.  Once your dispute has been filed, they with correspond with American Property Management and myself so that we can take the necessary actions to remedy your concerns”.
The CA said “I will have the collection manager or vice president review your account and respond”
I thought I was sending directly to the president but I’m not sure who I got. I got higher than the csr at least!
Hopefully this all ends with my last collection/baddie off my reports!!!

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