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loripkingsoftwil asked 4 years ago

So I have a charge-off from Capital One that hits the 7 year mark in September. I’ve already had it excluded from my report with TU. When I tried with EX the same day they told me to call back on June 1 and they could EE it then. I called them back a few weeks later about another account, which they removed, and again asked about this charge off acount and I was told to call back on May 1 and have it removed.


I called them yesterday to go through the EE process and the woman I spoke with told me this account isn’t eligible for an EE. She said only certain account types are eligible and she doesn’t know why I was told it could be removed via EE. She said it has to stay on until September. She also said she filed a complaint on my behalf because I was told incorrect information.


Is this just some random weird inf or are charge-offs truly not eliible for EE wth EX? I know they do EEs and they haven’t put up much (if any) of a fight previously. Should I just call back and try for a new rep? Should I wait til June since that’s what I assume the EE date to actually be?

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