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arblasredemal asked 4 years ago

My Discover has a moderate APR of 17.99% and I mainly use my card for balance transfers rather than purchases since I have 4-6 cards with lower APR’s (7.24% to $ 13.25%) so I write Discover support asking for a lower APR. Their answer was to go on CHAT and they would assist me – so I did. Offer was to lower the APR to 16.24% or get 12 months of 00% for future purchases.


Welp the 16.24% is not much different than my current 17.99% and I usually PIF except on 00% BT’s so I took the 00% for 12 months – thats a nice offer since I really like 00% promotions and I’ll propably get hit with a good size IRS bill this year. 


What is interesting is that I was told you can check back every 6 months to see what new special offers are available – I will I assume you.

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