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buiwammughgorli asked 4 years ago

For Capital One it pulls my TransUnion every month as part of my “Credit Tracker”.


In the summary section, it states that I have one currently deliquent account. But of course it doesn’t actually list what the account is as the credit tracker does not provide details, just a summary.


So, I went and pulled my TU as I shouldn’t have anything at all that is deliquent.


In the past I did have some credit issues and I’m concerned with three items and they way the are being reported. Could any of these be the issue:


1- I had a BOA CO (Paid in Full) that reports as a CO from 7/2011 – 2/2015 (it was paid in 2012). But as of 3/2015 – 4/2015 it reports as “X” (Unknown) and as of 5/2015 it reports as “N/R”.


2- I had a Chase CO (Unpaid) from 2009. The CR states that it was CO from 12/2009 – 2/2011. BUT, then it changes to “120” from 3/2011 – 9/2013. After 9/2013 there is not further reporting. Does it matter that for two years it reported as a “120” after being reported as a “CO”


3- I had a CO from HSBC that was assumed by the debt collector, “Midland Credit Mgt” in 2009. I paid the collection in full. But currently on the report it lists the “account type” as an “Open Account” with the loan type as “Factoring Company Account”. For “Pay Status” it is marked as “Account Paid in Full; was a collection”. Does it have any impact that it’s reporting as an “Open Account”.


If none of these are an issue, how in the world can I figure out what is being reported as a current deliquent account on TU?

Thanks so much!

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