credit score, pls help!!

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icnatesettheart asked 4 years ago

hello everyone,

so i have a couple of question for you ladies and gent,

about 8 months ago my credit score was 760, 740 and mid 600’s. i acted a bit crazy and began applying for cc i got about 36 in total, i got all those card in less then 4 months, my credit score drop to the 500’s BIIIGGG HIIITT!!! on top of all those inquires i put my cards usage to about 80-90 %. so now i manage to pay 32 of those cards to bellow 30% each, now its being about a month or two that i lower my overall usage on my cards ,and i still haven’t seen my credit score going up. it did by 1 point.

now what should i do? i also have 4 negative item on my report that im planning on taking care of them.

by far i have not miss one payment to none of the cards, and i haven’t being using them because i want to bring them to 18-10%.

what can i do for me to see my credit score to go up since my husband and i are planning on purchasing a home, last time i check fopr a morgadge the peron the i spoke to misslead me, because he said that my middle score was 574 and that he was going to be able to work something out. i try contacting him a couple of times and he will always tell me that he was going to call me back and its being about a months and i havent hear anything back, so ill just take it as if he had nothing better to say. 

can any one please advice me on what can be the best for me to do. ( honestly i dont want to close none of my cards since they are like my babies, i always wanted to have them and now that i do i dont want to let them go.)


thank you in advance for your feedbacks.

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