Comenity Fuel Rewards Mastercard 2016

DWQA QuestionsComenity Fuel Rewards Mastercard 2016
ertiomagbackni asked 3 years ago

Hi everyone. I have the fuel rewards network mastercard from comenity. it was my first card with them and i’ve had it for about 6 months with a limit of $ 2,500. does anyone know if comenity or for this card specifically gives out auto credit limit increases? or do they seem to be more “upon request” kind of folks? 


i did just get the lexus visa and the matched the SL on the FRN so now i have 2 commenity cards at $ 2,500. i wouldnt be upset though if they’d allow me to close one and increase the other to $ 5k — anyone know if they do that kind of stuff? I think i’ve heard of synchrony being able to do that for some, but not much on comenity. 

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