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ryachipafoodsbum asked 5 years ago

I opened my first cc with BofA’s secured Platinum Card, in 2008 with 1K. One year later they added 1.5K to the card. I received a loan with, from HSBC Auto ( when they had an auto finance division ). I believe it was 15% APR (paid off). Years later, I got another loan for six years with another bank…a little better APR (12%). I eventually paid it off within four years.
I kept my payments with BofA immaculate. I recently picked up an ’07 BMW X5 with a great APR (same bank, as the 12%’er). I have recently had an increase on my BofA credit card line. I was also approved for their Cash Rewards Cards. I was approved for the Amex Green card and The Amex Blue Everyday Card.
I have one department store card with a more than higher balance,but my payments are: always before the due date, and more than the minimum amount. It is my oldest credit card,so I use it every other month for one full tank of gas, or for quick groceries.
My credit report speaks for itself. It reflects the control one has on their finical

freedom, with the proper credit information,which leads to education anyone can feel proud, in their financial accomplishments of credit freedom (within reason, of course)  Smiley Happy

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