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rioteotonsingma asked 5 years ago

Hello, a long story short I defaulted on credit card with Citi back in 2007. Never paid them back and I have learned from my mistakes. A long recovery. For the last couple years I check the pre qualified site but of course no offers even though I continue to get offers in the mail for double cash and advantage card on regular basis. Well I did not check it for a while until today and to my surpise the pre qualified site offered me the double cash card. My scores are 698 tu, 684 eq, ex 680 ,12 inquiries for each report but none in past 3 or 4 months. Student loans are current since I am still in school. So my question is now it finally says pre qualified does it seem to be legit and a go despite my past history from nealry 9 years ago. My collections have been off my reports since last year as well.

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