Car was declared totalled today and i’m about to panic

DWQA QuestionsCar was declared totalled today and i’m about to panic
jupondkitloret asked 4 years ago

A few days ago i was involved in a car accident my car (tiny car) was hit by a car motorist which pushed me into a semi truck early in the morning.  The car that hit me fled the scene.  The truck isnt seeking damages(there were none). The damage is mainly to the front of my car. I knew it was a chance but I was praying for the vehicle not to be totalled.  The insurance adjuster just called me and told me that the damage exceeds the cars value since it depreciated ect.  I do not have gap insurance however with my insurance (progressive) i paid for the loan lease payoff coverage however i recently read that it covers only 25% of the actual cars value. I have a 2013 ford fiesta with 35000 miles i’m reading all different amounts as to what it could be worth i’ve found amounts anywhere from 5k-9k on the internet smh.  I dont even know how they would determine condition since the car is considered total loss? I owe just shy of 9500 on the car.  To add more to the pot last year when i fell on hard times company laid every1 off and outsourced our jobs over seas..i fell two payments behind and was repossessed.  I was able to sell off some belongings.. pick up extra side work and was able to redeem the car before it was auctioned.  I now found a new job ect and finally have been catching up and rebuilding now this happens.  How the heck am I going to buy a new car with a repo redeemed from a year ago? AND low scores I seem to be between 550 595EQ 608EX.  I’m also worried about the remainder that I may owe ford.  The claims manager is supposed to be calling me back with actual numbers. I feel like i took one step forward recently and ten steps backwards. Any one who has any insight I would love to hear it.  I know options are subprime used cars.. saving up for a cash beater temporarily but these all take time.  Also I live in an area that is widely spaced out so public transit is basicially none. 

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