Authorized user enough to build credit?

DWQA QuestionsAuthorized user enough to build credit?
rankahostpesemb asked 5 years ago

Hello wonderful forum. I’m still new to the credit rebuilding and I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with authorized users. 

My partner and I are rebuilding our credit so we can secure a mortgage (at some point). One of his biggest issues is lack of credit, rather than bad credit (The baddies are more me). 

This month, we added him as an authorized user to both of my credit cards (in good statnding, never late) and our 2 store cards (in good standing, never late). 

Is this enough to help him start building credit or does being an authorized user not help significantly?

We’re wondering because we don’t just want to start applying for credit cards and he knows he’ll probably have to do a secure credit card to start with. We are just wondering if it’s necessary for him to do that or does the authorized user on all of the above allow him to establish credit? 





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