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DWQA QuestionsAdvice: Paying down cards
mittkahmattkoshorn asked 5 years ago



I am hoping to pay down as much of my debt as possible, by June of 2016. Below are the card limits, balances and current aprs for what I have. I am hoping for advice on the best way to pay them down and not feeling like im spitting on a fire every month.


Should I try to pay the lowest balance off first while only making minimum payments on the others?

Should I try to make a little more than the minimum on all of the cards at the same time?



Thanks for any help and if I have forgotten to list something important, just let me know!


Chase                 Limit:    400              Balance:             360       Apr:               21.24%

Capital One Secured                Limit:    651              Balance:             588       Apr:               22.90%

Capital One Quiksilver             Limit:   1100             Balance:            1086      Apr:               19.80%

Barclays                                      Limit:   1400             Balance:            1350     Apr:                24.99%

Care Credit                                 Limit:   1500            Balance:             1415     Apr:               26.99%

Discover IT                                 Limit:    2500            Balance:             2495     Apr:               17.99%





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