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gambgusuhanhard asked 5 years ago

hi all, 


i been thinking of closing some cards I got during my crazy app when I didn’t know much about credit , I got this cards 


children place $ 1,000 love this one buy there a lot 

macy $ 1,300

Vs $ 350

A&f $ 250

walmart $ 5k hoping for an upgrade after a yr 

amazon 5k

gamestop $ 550 kids

barclay Apple reward $ 1,500 they might close me one day after so many account lol

cap 1 Qs $ 800 credit step

cap 1 platinum $ 800 credit step

cap 1 venture one $ 3k

bloomingdales $ 1.3k

carecredit $ 500 first card nothing have happen in almost a yr

target$ 300

paypal credit $ 1k


ok those are all for now till I finish gardening for a year, I’m thinking of getting rid of some store card that have no reward or benefit to me or not growing or can’t be upgraded


chopping block are 

target , care credit ,A&F , Victoria secret after I pay $ 70  what do u guys think is best to do now since I’m gardening for a yr and wanna get rid of so many store card to make room for my 2 new card I’m hoping to get after I’m done gardening , thanx sorry for this book post lol

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