Advice Needed…Seriously

DWQA QuestionsAdvice Needed…Seriously
asked 5 years ago

Sup everybody.


I just paid my car off. i had about 3 years to go on my auto loan with Cap1 but i just couldn’t fathom the thought of continuing to pay all of that interest anymore (9.87%) so i forked up the cash and paid that demon off early. i know some people say its not a good thing to do that but i’ma just have to bite the bullet on that one. 


the real reason i am here today is because i have 2 medical collections on my CR. one for $ 1000 even and the other for $ 952 or something close to that. my thing is.. these are the ONLY negative things i have left on my report. the reason i didn’t pay them is because i moved to another state soon after my accident and i never received the bill(s)..


what can i do to get these off my credit? i guess the obvious answer is to pay them…. but is there anything else that can be done instead lol. i already disputed but it doesn’t work. i informed them that i never received a bill and still, nothing. i’m just frustrated and now i’m to the point where i don’t want to pay them at all. it has to be something i can do. i’m sure i will come to my senses if paying them is the only option, but like i said right now i’m just frustrated. any advice on any steps i can take to get these off? i would very much appreciate it.

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