Advice: Home improvements before closing

DWQA QuestionsAdvice: Home improvements before closing
brochbacsipaxi asked 4 years ago

We’re going through the whole buying process. I have excellent credit and have already had an inspection performed, VA Appraisal was conduct and should have the results on Monday. The buyer has accepted the repairs we requested as a result of the inspection. In the contract, it is written that he would pull the carpet from the house, with our intentions of putting in ceramic tile. We wanted the home to be move in ready due to the oblivious challenges of having to install flooring after moving in. If the VA Appraisal comes back clear, I was considering going forward with the install which is in the range of $ 7,000. We close on or before 7/2/15 according to escrow.


What suggestions or advice on how to proceed? I know it’s risky because if something falls through, he will assume the rights to the tile, etc.


Also, during the home inspection it was noted that fire place had a substantial amount of soot and in order to inspect, it needed to swept. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time compared to some of the more big ticket items we were concerned with during the inspection. However, after further research I think it’s wise to get it checked out. Any suggestions on this as well?


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