Q: The legal lending process.?

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Hello I have a simple but a bit difficult küsimus.Ma think there are three ways to buy cash maja.1.Pay – If you are a millionaire .. 2.Hire mortgage brokers – they laenuandja3.Contact Direct Connect Wholesale Bank – Bank lending has its own agent .* If someone does not tell the difference between a mortgage broker and loan officer , go to Yahoo and search for “mortgage broker vs loan officer.” Here is my 2004, I met broker.He mortgage lugu.Aasta Mr.Kim who always said to others, if someone wants buy a house, they have to hire a mortgage broker to process their loan (she has acted as the No. 3 option does not exist. In this way he could get more jobs for the sale.). Someone might say: * “Why did you trust a mortgage broker you’re stupid …?” You’d be surprised how many people are unaware of these üldse.Igatahes I trusted him and in 2005 I bought my first maja.Ma loan application and are ready to respond to all documents prepared by Mr.Kim. Loan approved: two lender first and the second was a major bank. Exactly two months Later, I received a check book XX (the large bank) Bank. I asked the mortgage broker, and he said it was a credit line mortgage bank (third mortgage ) XX: it was issued based on the current value of my property (and there is no loan application evaluation ect ..). and my excellent credit rating. I had no doubt about that time (because it is issued by a bank) and I use the money for your home. My mortgage broker, Kim was convicted of financial fraud in other cases (it is currently in a federal prison) Meanwhile, my mortgage payment has increased dramatically since it was the MTA program, which I had no idea what it was at this time … My monthly payment doubled after 2 years and had reached the point where I could not all three, including a third mortgage payment mortgages. As the housing market crashed in the value of my home has dropped considerably and I are no longer able to pay. I knew something was wrong. Mortgages audit Heard on the Internet one day and decided to do. I asked all documents (including the original loan applications ..) all laenuandjad . My three years, I was surprised that was the name of the loan officer, I had no idea because I had never met with loan officers. Not only that, but the information was false information on loan application, which was written by a mortgage broker? or a loan officer? because the lender did not make the lender’s total sales, I learned that Agent of credit must meet the borrower directly to the lender (the Patriot Act?). What do you think of the whole loan process? I want to know if this is a serious crime, such as a loan officer has never contacted the borrower’s mortgage broker and accept all the documents and approve the loan, despite all the false information on loan documents? * Some might say: “You are a signed settlement documents, and it is your responsibility, however, as a mortgage broker and title agent, is currently incarcerated. During the colonization, it is almost impossible to review each document and signature. I had confidence in what I write, because that it was performed in the title of lawyer. Who does not trust the “agent”? DO YOU THINK lender in the U.S. give money because they are charity employees?

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    January 27, 2011 at 2:21 am

    You may find it impossible to read everything before you sign it, but it is not impossble. I have done it several times. We take a break of an hour or so and I read every word. If you sign stuff blindly, the conclusion is that the terms don’t matter to you and you would have signed it regardless of the terms.

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