PLEASEEEEE help me out?? Best buy performance service plan? Broken Laptop =(((((((((((

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I had recently brought a laptop into bestbuy for a software repair. when i came home, my 4 year old nephew got a hold of it, and took it outside and well.. threw it off the deck. ( very embarresing.) I have a 3 year performance service plan at bestbuy. My question is, if i bring it back to bestbuy, will they give me a store credit? or will they just give me a replacment laptop? I would rather have a store credit because Ive had problems with this laptop since i got it. ( oh, and its WAYYYY to damaged to be repaired)

So wat do you guys think? Will they give a store credit?? Or just replace it?
Please put how u know if they will either replace it or give me a credit.

Thank you very much!!!!

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    June 28, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Unless your plan included accidental damage, you’re out of luck.

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