Paying PMI on mortgages and reducing the debt snowball?

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My husband and I are following the Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover”, but instead of paying the lowest sales rate we pay the highest interest. Dave suggests that you put all your consumer debts, relying on your savings account, you are sure that your retirement account funding of 15% and then pay Hypothek.Mit all this said, we will be completely free from debt, including mortgage loans and have a strong economy has 2017.Die August issue we have is that, without adding money to our mortgage payment, we will pay PMI until you get to 85% of its loan value of $ 90.67 per month until December 2016. And then the PMI is $ 22.67 per month until June 2020 reduziert.Wir become “pyramid scheme” on our mortgage in January 2015, which will naturally get rid of the PMI launch ahead of schedule. But since we have no equity in PMI payments, we should get rid of a monthly mortgage payment assistance, in principle, only now at previous PMI mainly because of the debt of others first?

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    May 1, 2011 at 3:22 am

    No, you are taking the simplicity of Dave’s plan and over thinking it into a complicated mess.

    Follow the plan.

    Dave’s plan works for most people because it applies the basic rules of finance in a straight forward way so that they can follow it. That is, so they don’t have to know or understand all the complex rules behind why it works.

    In the first place, you are five years out. Way, way too far to worry about such things. When you are five years in, you will likely understand the answers to your own questions.

    In the second place, you aren’t getting any “equity” on your mortgage interest payment either…which is significantly larger than you PMI payment every month…isn’t it…? Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

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