Parents using social security number for personal finances?

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I was recently exercising my FACT options and trying access my free annual credity report, when trying to access the EQUIFAX report, it popped up stating that in July of 2003 I had applied for a mortgage loan.

Weird. Mainly because, in July of 2003 I was SEVENTEEN. And living in my parents’ house, going to High school, all that good stuff. After some research, I discovered that my parents can be the only possible people who would be able to have enough information, and use said information, to do something like that.

So mainly my question(s) is; is that possible? Is it possible for a parent to use a child’s information under the age of 18 to access things like that? Granted, I turned 18 in November of 2003, but I was 17 in July, if I don’t remember anything about that year, um MY AGE would definitely be something I can clearly recall.

Secondly, what do I do about this? I wasn’t even able to access my report because I simply clicked “I don’t know/does not apply to me” for all of the questions regarding the loan, as that was the truth. I have no clue. So, I don’t even know if this loan was approved, paid off or not, how much, or how deep this even goes. I’m 22 now, trying to get back into school (I took some time off to get away from my family and get my self back on track, financially speaking), and have had extremely minimal contact with my family in years. For all I know, they could be living it up on my credit :/ What do I do? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks so much.
Edit: I just saw this in an answer, so I thought I’d add. I had no bank account or anything at the institution that my parents banked at, so paperwork mishaps wouldn’t have really been possible. Also, I did some more research, and discovered that a parent or guardian is the *only* person who would be able to use a minor’s personal information to do things such as open bank accounts in their name, apply for things against credit, anything of the sort. So from here I just need to figure out what my options are. Keep in mind that me and my parents aren’t close people, and I haven’t had much contact with them in years. All of these answers are great, thanks so much!

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    May 3, 2011 at 6:56 am

    It is completely possible that they did that. A lady who worked at a bank came into my econ class last year, and she told a story similar to this. Her sister’s daughter’s father used her SS# and her name (her name was Samantha, he used Sam, so no red flags were thrown up), and he was able to get all sorts of loans and such.

    She had to end up filling out a bunch of paperwork and everything explaining to someone or another that that couldn’t have possibly have been her, and her father ended up going to jail, as I recall.

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    May 3, 2011 at 7:31 am

    yeah, but they are breaking the law if they do it. Your identity is yours and yours alone. I would write a letter describing your predicament to each of the three credit bureaus. they will send you information telling you what your next step is, take it from there. Sorry about your situation.

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    Chris C
    May 3, 2011 at 7:54 am

    It is entirely possible for someone else to use your credit, this is what identity theft is about. This doesn’t mean you parents purposely used you to get a mortgage though, the credit agencies and financial institutions screw this up more often then they ever admit too.

    You must get this fixed (it will not fix itself and will only grow into a bigger problem, see my experience below). Try calling the Credit Bureaus, eventually you should get through the automated system and be able to talk to a real person. You must talk with a real person, do not accept automated attendants, try pressing zero when it’s not an option (it worked for me 5 years ago 🙂 or Google the best way to contact each agency

    When I was 9 (NINE!) I had an child’s savings account with the bank my parents mortgage was at. The bank misfiled refinancing paperwork with my name on it (my name is similar to my mothers) and for a weeks time I owed my mothers mortgage.

    That is not the end of the story though. When I was in my early twenties I tried running my credit report and could not get it. I had the exact same issue with it asking for information on accounts I was not aware of (at the time I had a grand total of 1 credit card and 1 student loan). From the questions being asked I could tell it was asking about things for my mom so I called her and got the information and was eventually able to get into 1 of the agencies online report. Turns out my mother was considered an alias for me (we think because of the initial confusion when I was nine but I’m still not sure what happened). I had 12 years of credit history showing up on my report, along with two Social Security numbers, numerous address, phone numbers and places of employment.

    If my mom was at all reliable with credit, this would have been in my favor. Alas, that was not the case.

    It took me several months to get my mother scrubbed from my reports. It took so long partially because I did not want to file an identity theft claim against her (if you don’t mind doing that to your parents, your process may be quicker then mine). I had to talk to a real human at each agency who usually sent me a form to fill out and send back with some other proof of identification. The Credit Bureaus will not fix identity/profile issues online or over the phone. The best that they will do is accept forms back via fax (and not all of them agreed to that).

    Even after I got things all straightened out, two years later a new credit card showed up on my account. My mom opened a store card and they asked here to swipe another card for ID. She used one of the cards that were originally on my credit report (but which I know were showing up on hers as I insisting on seeing her report when I was getting everything straightened out). Somehow this was still tied to my credit report (so my mom got a card she shouldn’t have, again!). Dispute process for this was quick and worked online.

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