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Ok, this is our mortgage in the same bank we use. Our loan officer decided that they called each time we come to the bank to withdraw money muss.Wir’ve never missed a payment because my husband check direct deposit, but as she prepared Drivethru for the counter or call, leave cashed a check for us, if we can just get it done? And we are tired. And it’s not everything she did. My mother has an account there, I’m on my mother because my mother is now in a nursing home and Alzheimer’s has changed. Now, I have other things to let my mother phone bill, buy insurance and pay for it. I forgot to put extra money in the account of one month and he kept them in the eye to change to my mother. So now it’s like that, I do not know, Loan Officer of hell, with our affairs in hand, they have nothing to do. And I want to know if I can do something, that demand they be removed from our mortgage and the changes do not have access to our account and my mother.

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    Heather V
    April 29, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    I would talk with the bank manager, it sounds like she’s overstepping her bounds. She can’t refuse to let you talk money out of your account. If you get no where with the bank manager switch banks.

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