Okay I need advice, we dont know what to do.?

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All right I know its a little long but if you could just take a minute to read any advice would be helpful.Two years ago me and my husband and or 2 kids moved to VA to be a part of my mother- in- laws business. We were under the impression that everything was going ok and they needed my husbands help because the company was growing so fast. They owned a home that my family moved into and within a month my in-laws had it appraised. It was appraised for $ 400,000. So they decided to remortgage the house to get a loan for the company. They did not qualify due to all their personal debt so my husband signed and they co-signed. It ended up not working out up there for us so me and my family moved to TN and for a year they have paid the house note moved back in and all was well. Recently they called and said they were selling the company, the IRS was taking all the money from the sell, they had taken out a 2nd mortgage on the house without my husbands signature but the bank was under the impression that the paperwork was being faxed to him to sign – we had no idea this was going on. They want us to file bankruptcy so that they walk away , I think we need a lawyer but I just dont know where to start. Any thoughts???

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