% of ARMs and 30 yr Fixed Loans?

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I am looking for information 2006 quarters (or 2005) that shows the percentage of loans that were ARM’s and the percentage that were 30 yr fixed rate loans. (out of total loans originated).

For example, in Q1 2006, 40% of mortage loans originated were ARM’s and 50% were 30 year fixed mortgage loans. (10% other loans)
I feel that I have searched for this info forever and just keep pulling up the interest rates/percentages!
If anyone could post a website where I can find info to help me out. Thank you!

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    Larry Powers
    April 29, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    I found a newspaper article in “The Arizona Republic” that talks about statistics for the composition of mortgages in the USA. You might try contacting the reporter who wrote the article, to see if you can get her source data.

    The number for The Arizona Republic is (800) 331-9303

    Ask to speak to Catherine Reagor, regarding her May 5, 2006 article.

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