nobody knows where to look for a mobile home loan in Maine? I have an acre of land and at least 10% cash.

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I have no mortgage payment now and receive a monthly disability 1050.00. My credit score is low at 550 and I have no job history for the past five years. I waited for a long-standing disability. I am always looking around 35000.00, can put at least 10% down, East is all set up w / septic, well & Pad, and I have an old trailer for a trade the other I do not have monthly payments that the utilities and I pay my collection, debt stood at 2400.00. Do you think theres help for me?

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    David R
    January 28, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Yes you can apply for mortgage loan.
    Here are reputed mortgage lenders.
    See who is near your area.

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