No cost refinance of home in Maine?

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My fiance and I purchased a home in Maine, August of 2008. We have chosen to part ways and I am keeping the house. We need to remove her name from the loan and our current bank told us we would need to come up with $ 9000 in closing costs. I have heard of a streamline refinance with the possibility of either low cost closing or even rolling the closing costs into the mortgage itself. Anyone know a good bank in Maine that I should get in touch with? We currently have a loan via Maine State Housing as a first time home buyer thus giving us the lowest possible rate at the time. The current rate is around .5% less now so I am hoping that worst case scenario, I can just break even and continue with something similar to what I am paying now. Thanks.

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    January 24, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    The best bet is to call your mortgage company back and talk to a differnt person and not mention that you have ever called before. I did this four times before I found someone to help me-maybe it was because I asked my questions slightly different- who knows.

    Second best bet is to aska freindly realtor for four recommendations of mortatge companies that do a lot of local work and call them all multiple times hopeing to get different people until you get the answer that helps you.

    Good luck. Your income and credit will have to be ssufficent to qualify all by yourself.

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