Need to get approve for a FHA Loan in New York?

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I’m looking for a broker /lender to get approve for a FHA Loan
My score is 620, income; $ 47,000 plus rental in-come ($ 1600) per month + 401k and savings.
I have a two-family house, rent one unit for $ 1500 which covers my mortgage, will rent out the onther unit once I move out for $ 1300, I’m looking into getting another home for my primary resident(one family) price range $ 250-300,000. My expense is only my phone, light & gas, misc. Total $ 500.00 per month. Can I get qualify for a FHA loan base on my info?
I don’t like online applications.. looking for a broker that can help me get this loan.
any suggestions…

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    February 16, 2011 at 5:47 am

    Go online at

    They have an online application

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