Need advice for going to college…I’ve been working for 9 years already?

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Hello! I’m 24 and have been in property management for 9 (i know that doesnt add up right but my mom got sick, had to work)years. I have no passion for this job, but I’m good at it.

Anyway, I really want to give back to society and be a nurse (wanted to do this for years) and am strongly considering getting a bar tender job, getting bid loans and going for it. I know I wont be rich as a nurse but at least I’ll be happy. I’m up to my neck in hospital bills debt but otherwise have perfect credit. I have way too many bills right now, but i think it would be worth it.

Would this be feasable? any suggestions or experience would be apreciated. Also, if anyone could suggest how I could possibly pay for this, that would be great.

Peace…and thanks!

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    ~ Jamie ~
    November 10, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Snowboard, you are overthinking, dear. You act as if you are too old and it isn’t feasible. Of couse not! I am 28 and my husband is 33. Neither one of us are doing what we ultimately will be doing. We both work full time and go to school part time. It is hard work, but well worth it in the end. If this is your true calling, go for it. Trust your instincts! The only way to conquer fear is by ACTION. Good luck!

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