My husband and I are going through a mortgage.?

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We should be approved, financed 100%, but a few days before closing, the mortgage company told us that his credit card to lowest, to the IMP. They took 3 months and 3 different banks for this and its credit rating was deleted. I guess because his report was drawn from 3 different banks. Anyway, they say now we have 3300 down so that PMI is not required to pay. We can not have the money to our account as a balance to go through the required financing. We can not borrow money because our DTI is too high, atleast so says the mortgage bank. If you receive a loan or title loan payday loan as a debt and cause problems with the loan through? Help! I could easily save money in the last 3 months, if I had known it was necessary, but now I have no idea how I can get this money in a week.


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