Mortgage with a co-borrower with no credit?

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My husband and I are wanting to buy our first house. My credit score is 686 through Trans Union. He doesn’t really have credit, the only thing is a small bill from a hospital and there were a few bad checks that were not written by him that were from a few years back, but he had a police report that the checkbook was stolen… We make about $ 34K a year or a little more (we both have jobs with commission and that is the bare minimum.). and have a $ 6,000 car loan and $ 3,000 credit card, along with a couple student loans that are not due until 2013. I have nothing but on-time payments on all of them… We are trying to get a $ 99K or $ 115K house pretty soon… But can we get approved with him with no good credit history? He does use a visa debit card, which some mortgage lenders say helps… But I havent pulled his score.

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