Mortgage Qualifying Question…HELP!!?

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I can’t get in touch with my mortgage guy. Okay, he said we are qualified for a loan based on our credit score and current finances. But there’s a glitch. We haven’t um, filed our taxes for um, about four years. We’ve meant to, I’ve filed extensions, and I don’t think we owe anything, but I haven’t gotten them done. There’s nothing horrible you can say that I haven’t said to myself, I know how terrible it is. But the question is, will this keep us from qualifying for a mortgage, or will the bank not care about taxes? The mortgage guy said there are no leins on us.

Do you think we’ll be okay? I have to make an offer on a house today, and I don’t want to look like an idiot. (Yes, clearly I am an idiot for not doing my taxes, but can I get a loan?)

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