Mortgage loans in Texas?

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The husband and I want to buy a house in Texas in the future. The man is in the army. its credit rating is now 600, how many points they must obtain a mortgage for a good price in Texas.

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    The First Lady
    January 21, 2011 at 6:29 am

    There are several factors to consider along with the credit score for a good rate.

    Is there a reason other than he has a better score that you don’t want to add your name to the mortgage? Even though your score is lower – it is extra income that can be considered when determining your ability to qualify and pay for a mortgage.

    What I would suggest is contacting a mortgage company and speak with a loan officer. You can have the loan officer pull both credit files and tell you what type of loan amount you’d qualify for as well as rates if you were to purchase a home ‘today’. Also if there is cleaning to be done to the credit file a qualified loan officer can advise you of this and how to do it. And don’t worry, ONE inquiry into your file won’t make your credit score dip into oblivion. At least with this step you will know what can be done and what to work towards.

    Nowadays mortgage companies have several lenders that they work with who can finance homes for those with excellent as well as blemished credit. In fact many mortgage companies specialize in working with those with lower credit scores but be careful that you seek assistance from a reputable company and not a mom-and-pop shop that acquire a loan for you but with an outrageous interest rate. Also I’d probably steer clear of a big financial center such as Wells Fargo, etc. unless you receive official word that they cater to lower credit score applicants. Often times large financial centers steer clear of ‘applicants’ with low scores – but don’t be discouraged even though they don’t initially finance the loan…many times they acquire it on the back-end by purchasing it later (during the life of the loan from )the ‘smaller’ lenders who give borrowers more opps at home ownership.

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