Mortgage Help, Company is Clueless?

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We are three months behind on our mortgage. I called to make a payment the other day and was told, “Congratulations, you are paid in full.” Of course we aren’t, no one and I mean NO ONE at that company can tell me what is going on. According to the website as of 12/31/10 the loan was sold in a foreclosure sale, no one at the company can tell me what that is about either. I talked to one person who said it means it was sold on the courthouse steps….well no because we are still here, and the great thing about this is we haven’t received any notices, late notices, intent to foreclose notices, sheriff visits not even a phone call. Another person told me that it could be we sold the loan to another mortgage company but guess what they don’t know who!

I have called the company numerous times in the last week and they are “researching what is going on with this account” we will call you back in 24 hours. No call, shocking I know.

The thing is no one I talk to there has any idea what happened with the loan although they do say it isn’t in foreclosure or loss mitigation but they don’t know what is going on with it. They can’t see who/when/ or if it was sold. They all act like they are clueless.

I even told one person how amazing it was that other companies were able to keep up with all of your account information and that it was a really cool thing to do.

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    May 3, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    Make copies of every document you have on your property, and get a lawyer or attorney right away to look at the information to find out what rights you have in this case. This is happening all over the country right now, and often, the homeowners are not legally foreclosed.

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