Mortgage Co. employee released Personal Information to third parties-is there any legal action we can take?

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An employee, since fired, sold personal information-name, address, soc number, loan numbers, etc.. to a third party. The mortgage co. did give us 4 steps to take—-call nationwide credit bureaus and be listed on the fraud alert, file police report, close accounts that have been tampered, file complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Anything Else. My husband has very poor credit and was going to file bankruptcy; could a debt collector have paid off a mortgage co. employee for information? Is there any legal action we can take.

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    K W
    February 17, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Companies sell accounts to debt collectors all the time. Therefore, there is nothing illegal about that. It is a common thing for a company who is not getting paid to sell the account to a debt company for a certain percentage. Is your husband not making payment on the mortgage? If so, then, more than likely, the account was sold.

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