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I want to go to Ursuline College next fall and it’s roughly $ 22,000 a year plus room and board and books, I live in a single family household and my mom makes somewhere around $ 40,000-$ 60,000 a year. So, it’s safe to say that money’s tight. Not to mention recent troubles with the IRS and and $ 800 mortgage. She doesn’t want me to go to community college and I’m able to get $ 5,000 a year through one scholarship and I think I’m eligible for some others because I’m black, a first generation college student and all that good stuff. We have NO money saved up and the quickest way to make money would be to sell our house which is worth over $ 100,000 but houses could stay on the market for a while and with the recent issues with homeowning, that’s not a sure guarantee. What should I do? She also doesn’t want me to put off college because she think I wouldn’t go and Ursuline has a really good pharmacy program. Her credit is not the greatest so loan intrest rates could be a killer. Help!
I know Ursuline is pretty expensive but I was told by someone in the admission departments that they got a lot of money from the state of Ohio for Pharmacy students and they would be willing to give a nice sum for students going into that field. But I don’t want to ride my future on a “maybe”.

I plan to fill out a FAFSA soon, but the papers aren’t available online for my college academic year so I’m sort of stuck. And I don’t have a job because there are no jobs near where I live that hire at 16 that I can get to after school in time. My dad’s financial situation isn’t really that stable, either.

And I’ll be a senior in the fall! (w00t 09! lol) Am I screwed? My mother’s been stuck in lala land thinking that I could get scholarships to pay for everything all four years. Yeah, I’m not dummy but that’s highly unlikely. Yesterday, things finally sunk in when we were going to the mall (not to go binge shopping. I needed a book and I wanted a preztel dog)

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    May 18, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    apply for fafsa its due in Jan and your mom needs to have her taxes done as she has to fill out that information. They will most likely give you some cheap student loans (in your name not your moms) most are interest free until you graduate and you will have 10 years to pay them back. Do some research there are sites on line which will search for scholarships and you might have to write a paper or whatever the requirements might be.

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    May 18, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    That school does not have a pharmacy program. I’ve never heard of it, and it is not on the official list of pharmacy schools. They might have a pre-pharm program.

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