Medical Insurance. I’m paying $550 for a family of 3! Is that good – or are there better options?

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I’m paying $ 550 for a family of 3 for medical insurance… no dental and no pregnancy care (if a miracle happend!) with NASE, plus there is a NASE fee to boot. That’s another house payment! Is that a lot? Are there better plans… How do I compare, or know that i’m comparing apples to apples. If I pay less elsewhere will I get cheated or receive less benefits where I don’t realize it? How do I really know. Perhaps what I have is good – I just can’t believe the amount!!!!! With rising gas prices and food prices and trying to cut bills, this is eating up the savings.

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    July 21, 2011 at 3:24 am

    Not bad…my employer and I combine to pay over $ 1200 per month for family of 5 (with dental & eye). Medical insurance is rediculously expensive; your monthly obligation seems reasonable.

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    July 21, 2011 at 3:47 am

    NASE, Mega, Mid-West, this plan is known by many names around the country. It is NOT a comprehensive health insurance policy, but is instead a hospital certificate. You can most certainly get a better policy for around the same price or less. Visit a local agent that works with all the major companies in your area to find the best plan for your situation and budget. There is no extra charge using an agent.

    Here is a website for more information about the scams and lawsuits surrounding the plans and the parent company:

    Mega (NASE) deductible is per confinement, which means if you go into the hospital 3 times in one year you have 3 deductibles to meet. Most plans’ deductible is per year.

    Lifetime maximum for Mega is $ 1 Million. Major medical plans are $ 2 to $ 8 Million.
    Mega has an annual maximum per illness of $ 500,000. Most Major medical have NO annual maximums.

    Depending upon the policy, Mega will only pay UP to $ 500 per day if you are admitted to the hospital. Average daily hospital cost – $ 3000, Average stay – Three days. For the average hospital stay MEGA will pay up to $ 1500, you will pay $ 7500.

    Depending upon the policy, Mega will only pay UP to $ 1500 per day if you are in ICU. Average cost – $ 8000, Average stay – Two days. For the average ICU stay MEGA will pay up to $ 3000, you will pay $ 13,000. Since most people (unless they’re dead) have a hospital stay after the ICU stay you can add in the figures from the previous paragraph.

    Doctor visits while you are in the hospital is limited to $ 50 per visit and limited to ONE visit per day. Average cost – $ 120, Average number of daily visits – TWO. For the average 3 day hospital stay MEGA will pay $ 150, you will pay $ 570.

    Ambulance transport is limited to $ 250 per trip and payable only if you are admitted to the hospital. If you are transported to the ER and not admitted – no benefits. The average cost for ambulance – $ 1000. For the ambulance (if you are admitted to the hospital) MEGA will pay $ 250, you will pay $ 750. For the ambulance (if you are NOT admitted to the hospital) MEGA will pay $ 0, you will pay $ 1000.

    Air ambulance is not covered unless additional rider purchased. Maximum benefits with Mega are $ 3500. Average cost – $ 12,000. Your bill – $ 8500.

    Many other limitations for: miscellaneous hospital inpatient charges, inpatient and outpatient surgery, routine physicals, anesthesiologist and more. Plus you have to pay the expensive yearly dues.

    Here is some information about Mega:

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